• Media Training


  • Use mainstream media to get your message out there. It's a great way to strengthen your brand.

    Creating Your Story

    It is important to target your message properly. To know your intended audience. A news programme is different from a chat show or specialist journal. We will look at how your tailor your style.

    Media Interview Preparation

    Being interviewed by the broadcast media can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be.

    Good interviews don't happen by chance. It takes preparation. We 'll do that. You'll understand

    • What makes a story newsworthy 
    • What journalists are looking for 
    • How to target your audience
    • How to prepare for an interview
    • How to deliver your message with fluency and confidence.

    You'll get practical advice on how to reach your audience so they understand and engage with your message.

    Spreading Your Message

    We'll talk about how you can spread your message, get it to the press, and to the right people.


    There is a lot of air space and column inches to be filled every day. Radio, podcasts, newspapers, specialist journals, television, all provide a valuable opportunity to talk about what you do and how important it is.

  • Media Training

    Duration/Price: 1 Hour Media Training - €100

    Strengthen your brand. Get your message out there.

  • "Clodagh's half day workshop with us at the Research and Innovation team in Waterford Institute of Technology, was perfect. Her style was brilliantly interactive and drawing on the experience of the team to ensure that the context was on point. I look forward to continue working with Clodagh to ensure my media engagement is of the highest impact. Thank you Clodagh!"


    Dr Aisling O'Neill, Manager, ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Waterford Institute of Technology