• Executive Coaching


  • Bespoke Consultations

    A bespoke consultation. One that is tailored to your needs. I will look at your requirements and what you want to achieve. Improving your existing skills can create opportunities to vary your work experience.

    Developing Your Style & Delivery

    There is no one way to present and we each have our own style. We'll work on yours so you maintain and improve the skills you need to consistently deliver professionally to clients, customers or staff. This is ideal if you have an upcoming event where you need to make a strong impact that requires intensive coaching.

    Being Your Best Self

    A good presentation is confident and clear. It requires you to remain focused on your core message and know your audience. I will work with you so you can present your best self.

  • Executive Coaching

    Price: €200/Hour

    Develop your leadership skills and grow in confidence.

  • “I want to thank you for the session you did on public speaking and especially speaking on Zoom. I had a live interview on Instagram recently and your tips, suggestions and everything I learned in the session was invaluable”


    MJ Jacob, Mad Jessie Performance Athleisurewear